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Randee S RAWR! , United States

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About me

I'm Randee. i'm an anime freak! I love it all! Everything dark, ominous, "evil"? Thats me!


Eh....I dunno. Maybe emo mixed with goth, punk, skater, and scene. Add the morning perkiness of a preppy, and that' me.


I like all the bands that are considered "uncouth". Example; Hawthorne Heights, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace. Yeah. Kinda emo there. ^^

Movies and TV:

EVERYTHING ANIME. Then Hell's Kitchen, George Lopez, The Nanny. Movies; all horror. Most comedies. A handful of romance. maybe one or two of all the other types.


NO SPORTS! icky icky poo! I'm sorry, but i am as far away from being a sports fan as you can get! Maybe i go to a few games every now and then to hang with friends, and sure, I'm writing a story where one of the main character's a jock...but to me, Sports


I like Picasso, Savador(sp?) Dali, Silimith Wolfing, Andy Warhol. All of those people. Dark, demented works are my favorites.


I like pineapples.


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Profile Glog: Me and Rocking teddies!

Me and Rocking teddies!